Advertising Policy


The Policies contained herein are amended periodically and are not a substitute for consulting with the Ad Policy team.

For purposes of these Policies:

  • “Twelve31 Properties” refers to AdPointe-owned rich media branded properties, including without limitation, Omaha Sun Times, Chicago Times Post, Huskers Today, Auto Care Place, etc.
  • “Twelve31” includes all Twelve31 advertising and publisher networks, including affiliate, contextual, behavioral, rich media, video, mobile, search, widget and custom solutions.
  • “Twelve31 Advertising” refers to Twelve31, Twelve31 Interactive, Inc.,  and applicable Twelve31 affiliates.
  • “Twelve31” refers to Twelve31 Interactive, Inc.

These Policies apply to all advertising that may run on Twelve31.  Third party networks and their partners and/or affiliates that serve ads to Twelve31 must adhere to these Policies.

All creatives, advertisements and other material provided to Twelve31 must comply with all applicable laws and regulations. While Twelve31 requires its advertisers to comply with these standards, the content of the advertisements is the advertiser’s responsibility, and by placing the advertisements, the advertiser assumes all liability for and arising from the advertisement. Twelve31 will not be responsible for ensuring compliance with such regulations or guidance, although advertisers may be required to submit documentation from an attorney affirming such compliance.

These Policies are for use by advertisers, their agencies and legal counsel, and for Twelve31 Sales. Upon request by an advertiser or its representative, Twelve31 will provide a current copy of these Policies to aid in evaluating whether proposed advertising is suitable for Twelve31. Twelve31 reserves the right to modify these Policies at any time without prior notice.

Twelve31 reserves the right at any time, in its sole discretion, to revoke its approval of, and to require the elimination or revision of, any advertisement or campaign.