AdPointe Anti Spam Policy

No reasonable person or legitimate marketer thinks spam is a good thing. Companies like ours are working to find a solution.

When we asked consumers what they found most irritating about spam, the overwhelming majority said the quantity and the irrelevance of the offers. That’s why we limit the number of commercial messages we deliver to your email box. That’s also why we ask, in our online surveys, questions about your plans and preferences. Your answers better enable us to send you offers and information in which you may have an interest.

We also know that your privacy is important to you. We’re committed to helping you manage and protect it. We take privacy very seriously and have taken many steps to help safeguard the personal information you share with us.

To demonstrate our commitment, we want you to know how the information we collect is used and the specific controls you have regarding the information you provide. In addition, if you give us permission to contact you via email, every e-mail communication you receive from us:

  • Includes a clear and fully operational “unsubscribe” button
  • Clearly identifies SendPointe as the sender
  • Provides our full postal address in the event you would like to contact us in the real vs. virtual world

Beyond these policies for email communication, in our full Privacy Policy you’ll find that:

  • Your responses to our questions are completely voluntary, i.e., if you don’t tell us, we’ll never know
  • The information we collect is used, in part, to help eliminate irrelevant offers from popping up in your email box
  • You have controls over not just your email address but all the information you share with us
  • You have choices regarding the use and distribution of your information
  • Your information is stored in a secure environment with restricted access
  • You can correct any inaccuracies in the information

If you have questions or concerns regarding any of the points above, please contact Twelve31 at