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How to Craft a Compelling Subheadline That Makes People Click

This post originally appeared on HubSpot.com  Written by Neil Patel | @neilpatel If you’re in marketing, you know that headlines are important. But did you know that subheadlines are just as important? Sure, the headline is responsible for capturing a visitor’s attention … but then what? To give you a better sense of how it all […]

Twelve31 Ventures and Accretive Partners form new Digital Media Company AdPointe Media, Inc.

Twelve31 Ventures and Accretive Partners announced today that they have signed a definitive agreement to form a new company to be known as AdPointe Media, Inc.  AdPointe will be run by CEO, Brad Mellott, a leader in the call center and technology industries, and which will consist of entertainment and news websites, regional sports websites and certain other digital properties. […]

The busy marketer’s guide to the 2014 holiday season

To help your content cut through the clutter all holiday season long, we joined forces with our friends at Outbrain to bring you the latest holiday marketing insights. We analyzed the trends from our customers’ emails during the 2013 holiday season and combined them with key findings from Outbrain’s recent holiday content study. Smart marketing […]

WTF is programmatic advertising?

BY Jack Marshall – Digiday: Programmatic ad buying has changed the face of online advertising, but there’s still confusion around what it actually is. Here’s a primer, in plain English: What is programmatic ad buying? “Programmatic” ad buying typically refers to the use of software to purchase digital advertising, as opposed to the traditional process […]

Ad Environments: The Halo Effect

Today’s digital media buyers are increasingly focused on cost-efficient options like audience targeting. With so much emphasis on efficiency in ad buying, what’s the value of advertising in premium environments? Our new study shows that premium placements bring measurable lift in user engagement and other key metrics compared to advertising in non-premium environments. And those […]

5 Unexplored Ways Your Small Business Loses Money

Cash flow is an important aspect of any business. And, it’s particularly critical for a small business growing on a shoestring and a prayer. In the hectic day-to-day operation of a business, it’s common to overlook the many holes in your small business through which your cash is leaking. Most small business entrepreneurs are familiar […]

Bing Just Became an Excellent Way to Search Twitter

BY KARISSA BELL Bing just got a lot better at searching Twitter. Microsoft added a host of new Tweet-discovery features to its search engine Monday, making it easier for users to find the tweets and accounts that interest them most. You can now search Bing by hashtag, look up specific Twitter handles or search for […]

Why We Can’t Forget About Dre

The potential acquisition of Beats by Apple has captured the public imagination. Though it is not yet official, we’ve spent all weekend making jokes about it on Twitter, shocked at Andre Romelle Young’s uncharacteristic confirmation of the buy, joking that Forbes should change its list because he’s now a billionaire, for some reason. Quite honestly, […]

No One Cares About Your Social Media Posts

By: Andrea Romano @Mashable Tired of the daily social media grind? Don’t chuck your smartphone out the window just yet. Getting 182 Likes on your new Facebook profile photo is exciting, and the Instagram you uploaded from the beach probably did make your friends jealous. But sometimes, you just need to back away and use […]

4 Best Practices for Social Advertising

Todd Wasserman @MashableIf a tree falls in the forest, it’s debatable that anyone hears it. When your ad fails on Facebook, though, there’s no confusion. It was a dud. A lack of interaction tells the tale. Clearly you paid good money to expose lots of people to this particular piece of content, but most gave […]