AdPointe Display Advertising

Huskers Today Ad Display

Did you know 95% of time online is spent outside of search? If you are only running search campaigns, you are missing out.

Establish brand awareness & recognition in your market.

Advertising on the AdPointe Display Network allows users to see relevant banner ads for your products while they are browsing the web on a AdPointe Display Network approved site.

Reach users with banner ads displayed across websites relevant to your business and customers.

Your brand and company awareness are the focus through the use of image advertising.

Driven Local’s Display Strategy

Running a display campaign for your business will require banner ads. We can create the image ads that are relevant to the audience we will target and services your business would like to advertise. Once we have the banner ads we can then set up a target customer based on location and campaign parameters.

Detailed Tracking and Reporting

We track all the activity from your display advertising campaign, including ad impressions, website visits, and more. And we prove your results with easy-to-access online reports, available 24/7. That way, you can always see the value of your display advertising investment.