Email Marketing with SendPointe

More than just a list, more than just another email marketer, Twelve31’s SendPointe gives you the tools and the tactics to succeed in today’s complex and ever-changing marketplace.


The perfect choice for sophisticated marketers and novice email marketers alike, SendPointe provides marketers a cost-effective and innovative way to reach a targeted list of consumers. Short on time and/or resources? Twelve31 can help develop a compelling email message that delivers your offer to your best prospects quickly and effectively.

With Twelve31 and SendPointe on your side, you can:

  • Reduce product launch cycles from months to days
  • Generate immediate results with email response times measured in hours instead of weeks
  • Increase the return on your acquisition and retention campaigns by reducing out-of-pocket expenses
  • Drive email traffic to offline channels with special offers
  • Build awareness with new product email announcements and incentives